MarineTeak International Holding Sa

is a company specializing in Teak Lumber particularly for the marine industry and has acquired an enviable reputation for supplying quality lumber and is fast becoming the preferred supplier of super yacht teak decking, margins and rails for two reasons: Length and quality.

  • Marine Lumber

    Our Teak has uniform golden color, straight grained and even texture and with few markings.
  • Feq Lumber

    Straight, vertical grain, Feq grade Teak is what everyone wants.
  • Residential Lumber

    Our Solid Teak Flooring is carefully picked and is sawn precisely to achieve best quality.

Teak Super Prime Grade

The only teak suitable for use on a superyacht comes from Myanmar. In fact most megayacht contracts specify “Old-growth Burmese Teak”. If the log is of the size, quality, age, and harvesting technique which qualify it for use on a superyacht, the chances are 99 per cent it came from the forest of Myanmar. And the odds are further that as an SG1 or SG2 (superyacht standard) log it was an old-growth tree.

Our teak lumber and quarter sawn decking is selected for golden color, straight tight grain formation and absence of black mineral marking.Our teak selection process ensures each rail component for a single yacht is sourced from one tree (wherever possible) to provide the finest visual match and coordination.Our company mills a large volume of superior-quality solid teak marine decking. Our Superprime grade materials are available in:

* vertical grain * surfaced four sides (S4S) * 1/4” to 2-1/2” thick in lengths of 3’ to 20’ * Made from 100 % Quarter Saw Cut


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